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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We buy all kinds of houses and property and are here to help homeowners looking to sell quickly for cash, even if their property is in a tough spot (This includes single attached and detached homes, mobile homes, condos, land, etc.) Ultimately, our aim is to make a fair deal that benefits both parties. No matter your reason for selling, you’re not alone – we’ve helped many others in similar situations.

    One of the most common inquiries we receive pertains to why homeowners choose to sell their houses, homes, and properties to us. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances decide to sell for various reasons, including:

    • Relocating out of the area
    • Need of quick cash as a result of divorce or medical bills
    • Facing Foreclosure or simply late on the mortgage
    • Inheriting a home with no capacity to fix and sell it
    • Avoiding the expense of necessary property repairs
    • Disposing of troublesome rental properties

    While the motivations behind selling may vary, homeowners typically share a common desire: to find a reliable buyer capable of providing a quick cash offer for their property and facilitating a swift closing process. At Red Barn Homebuyers, we understand these needs and are committed to offering trustworthy solutions to meet them.

    No. There are no fees involved whatsoever. We come to you, seek to understand your needs and concerns, we make an all cash offer and you decide whether or not it makes sense to work with us. All of this is completely free of charge. There are no hidden fees and there is never any obligation to accept our offer or work with us.

    In the conventional process of selling a home, a buyer typically makes an offer, which you then accept. Following this agreement, the buyer arranges for an inspection, during which potential issues and necessary repairs are often uncovered. Consequently, the buyer may request that you cover the costs of addressing these concerns.

    At Red Barn Homebuyers, however, we approach home purchases differently. We buy houses “as is,” meaning that upon evaluating your property, we can promptly make an offer without requiring repairs or improvements on your part. We recognize that your home may have existing issues or maintenance needs, and we take full responsibility for addressing them. This streamlined process ensures convenience and peace of mind for homeowners seeking to sell their properties swiftly and hassle-free.

    Unlike a traditional real estate sale using a real estate agent, there are absolutely NO COMMISSIONS paid to us or anyone else. We make an as-is offer and you get the benefit of avoiding the costly expenses typically associated with selling a home.

    We provide a fair offer that reflects both the current market conditions and the state of your home. With us, you can sell your property “as is,” without the hassle of repairs or cleaning. Plus, there’s no need to engage a realtor or worry about listing fees—Red Barn Homebuyers covers all standard closing costs, and we offer cash payment for your convenience. Our process is straightforward and efficient, ensuring a swift transaction.

    We will not only present you with an offer, but we also provide assistance in steering clear of foreclosure. Our team of real estate professionals possesses ample experience in handling such situations. By fostering enduring partnerships with major financial institutions, we’re well-equipped to guide you through the process and help you evade foreclosure.

    Our process prioritizes speed, aiming to deliver a fair solution to your dilemma in the shortest timeframe. That said, we know that sometimes you simply need flexibility in the timing of your move – and we are here to accommodate that as well! We know that there is often an urgency associated with financial pressures … and we’re here to work with you and through your situation regardless of the timeline. Ultimately, our objective is to swiftly resolve your situation, allowing you to transition to the next phase of your life. Again, The duration of the process, whether it spans days or weeks, will hinge on your needs and your specific circumstances.

    You’re in charge here. There’s no pressure to accept our offer if it doesn’t meet your needs. We’re not here to take advantage of you; we’re here to find a solution that works for both of us. There is absolutely zero obligation to accept our offer or work with us in any way.

    Absolutely, we purchase houses regardless of whether they’re rented out or owner-occupied. In certain cases, we’re even open to acquiring the property while tenants remain in place. However, to avoid any inconvenience, please inform us in advance, as someone from our team might visit the property to assess its exterior. Unexpected visits by strangers can be unsettling for occupants, so your cooperation in coordinating these inspections is greatly appreciated.

    Remember that tough times pass, and you’re not alone— There are thousands of people all over the country in similar situations – and finding a solution to your problem is more common than you think. Secondly, don’t go it alone; seek help from a distressed real estate expert (like our team at Red Barn Homebuyers) to help you understand your options and help craft a workable solution.

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