Be Ready for Hurricane Season: Plan Ahead

Understanding the Growing Threat

Hurricane seasons are becoming increasingly intense each year. Scientific studies spanning four decades show a clear trend: hurricanes worldwide are packing stronger sustained winds. As we brace for the upcoming hurricane season, it’s crucial to prepare effectively.

Act Now: Prepare Before It's Too Late

“Stay Safe, Stay Prepared” is more than a slogan—it’s a strategy for survival. When a hurricane is on the horizon, the safest choice is to evacuate inland. If that’s not possible, take proactive steps to secure your safety. Stock up on essentials like canned food, water, chargers, first aid kits, and medications ahead of time. Planning early ensures you’re not caught off guard when supplies run low.

Communication Is Key: Stay Connected

Maintain communication with family and friends, especially if you’re staying put during the storm. Inform someone about your whereabouts for safety reasons. Secure your home by closing storm shutters and adjusting freezer and fridge settings to preserve perishables in case of power outages.

During the Storm: Safety First

Once the hurricane hits, prioritize safety by staying indoors unless evacuation is necessary due to extreme flooding. Avoid windows and remain vigilant as storms can shatter them unexpectedly. Only venture outside when authorities confirm it’s safe to do so.

Aftermath: Recovery and Rebuilding

Post-storm, stay updated with official announcements before venturing out. Communicate your well-being to loved ones and document any damages for insurance purposes. Secure your property by covering damaged areas and addressing water damage promptly.

A Solution for Damaged Homes

When facing severe damage, repairing your home may not be the best option. Red Barn Homebuyers offers a solution—they buy homes as-is, regardless of the damage extent. If you need a way out from extensive hurricane damage, contact us to assess your home’s value today.


Hurricane preparedness is not just a checklist—it’s a mindset of readiness and resilience. By acting early, staying informed, and considering all options, you can navigate hurricane season with greater safety and peace of mind.


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