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We can close in days if need be, but always seek to find a timeline that works for you.


We strive to make every transaction a win/win and typically offer more than other cash buyers


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    Ken and Anita Corsini have personally purchased over 1000 houses over the last 19 years and have been involved in thousands more. They are best known for their work on HGTV, being featured in “Flip or Flop Atlanta” and “Flipping Showdown.” Over the last 19 years, Ken and Anita have cultivated a system for purchasing properties all over the country. They understand the needs of most sellers and strive to make the sales process as easy and streamlined as possible. From start to finish, their team will work tirelessly to eliminate unnecessary costs, expenses and burdens typically associated with selling a house … ultimately enabling sellers to deal with less headaches and put more money in their pockets!


    We Make Selling Your House Fast and Easy


    Sell to Us "As Is"

    Save of thousands of dollars in renovations and all of the headaches by selling your house “as is.”


    Skip the Showings

    There’s no need to march dozens of strangers through your house for months on end, hoping for an offer.


    Sell on Your Timeline

    Avoid the stress of putting your house on the market for months. When you work with us, you have full control over your closing date.

    The Role of Technology in Real Estate Franchise Investment

    Fast Cash Closing

    When you work with us, you can be confident that there will be no surprises at the closing table.

    Avoid The Stress of Selling

    Dealing with the stress of selling a house can be overwhelming. It’s a challenging and often lengthy process, and the need for a quick sale only adds to the pressure.

    That’s why our team has developed a streamlined process to alleviate the stress and uncertainty of selling your home at pace and price that works for you.

    When you work with Red Barn Homebuyers, You don’t have to navigate this process alone. Our mission is to understand your needs, help solve whatever pressures or problems need to be addressed, and ultimately create a win/win scenario that enables you to sell your home at a fair price.

    We Buy Houses Nationwide


    Common Reasons Good People Get Forced To Sell Their House


    Whether you’re making the decision to relocate for personal reasons or find yourself compelled to move due to career opportunities or military obligations, it’s crucial to carefully consider the next steps regarding your current residence.


    Another possibility that might lead to selling your home is divorce. When couples part ways without prior agreements, assets are typically divided equally. If you and your partner can’t come to an agreement about who gets the house, you might find yourself having to sell it even if it’s not what you wanted.

    Job Loss

    Losing your job can also lead to difficulties in meeting your mortgage payments. This sudden change in circumstances can be overwhelming and leave you feeling uncertain about your financial stability. It’s important to explore your options and seek support during this challenging time.


    If you’re grappling with significant debt, owing more than your home is worth, it can be incredibly distressing and may force you to sell your house. We recognize the emotional toll this situation can take, and we’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way as you navigate through these challenges.


    The security of your family could be compromised by a noticeable uptick in criminal activity within your neighborhood, potentially creating an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones.


    Some folks come into a property under unfortunate circumstances and the inconvenience or lack of capacity to fix and sell an inherited property requires an easy solution. We’re very familiar with these scenarios and have helped hundreds of families walk through this process.

    There are various circumstances that may lead someone to consider selling their home. No matter your situation, it’s important to recognize that you’re not alone in navigating these challenges. Many individuals find themselves in similar circumstances, facing the pressure to sell their property quickly. Unfortunately, this urgency often results in losing their homes to various entities like banks, debtors, government agencies, or homeowners associations.

    “Let us help you move forward and get beyond these current challenges”

    At Red Barn Homebuyers, we specialize in helping people like you who are facing these difficult circumstances. We understand the emotions, challenges, and fears that come with such situations. When you reach out to us, rest assured that we will listen attentively to your real estate concerns and provide you with a tailored solution that addresses your needs effectively. Let us help you move forward and get beyond these current challenges so that you can move on with your life!

    Who Will I Be Working With?

    Ken and Anita have built a team of seasoned real estate investors in every major market across the US. While some of us hold real estate licenses, we don’t operate primarily as real estate agents. Our focus is on purchasing various types of properties nationwide.

    Unlike traditional realtors who require you to sign a listing contract and wait for potential buyers through MLS, we offer a different approach. We provide you with a substantial cash offer using our own funds, ensuring a swift resolution to your real estate needs.

    Our objective isn’t to take advantage of you; rather, it’s to offer a fair and efficient solution to your situation. Even if we don’t end up purchasing your property, we’re committed to assisting you in resolving your real estate challenges. From refinancing to tenant placement, addressing code violations, and resolving legal matters such as liens, we provide comprehensive support.

    Think of us as your dedicated real estate problem solvers. Homeowners facing the risk of losing their property often turn to us after exhausting traditional selling methods or when time is of the essence. In many cases, these homeowners require a quick sale, and we’re here to provide a genuine cash offer and purchase their property swiftly.

    The Role of Technology in Real Estate Franchise Investment

    What Types of Houses Are We Looking For?

    We specialize in purchasing various types of real estate, including Single Family Houses, Condominiums, Townhomes, Mobile Homes, and Vacant Lots. If the property is unique in that it holds potential for residential or commercial development, we’re still interested! Even if you’re uncertain whether your property fits our criteria, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    We’re in the market for properties of all sizes and conditions, regardless of age or appearance. Whether your house is brand new, decades old, or deemed unattractive, we’re eager to make an offer. We’re prepared to buy your house, regardless of its equity status—even if it has zero or negative equity. Additionally, we’re willing to purchase properties that are in such poor condition that traditional bank financing isn’t feasible for potential buyers. Even if your property has liens, code violations, or other legal issues attached, we’re still interested in exploring the opportunity. As mentioned above, we are problem solvers and have LOTS of tools at our disposal to put to work for your unique situation.

    These are some of the houses we recently purchased:






    Financial Burdens increase daily

    We understand the stress of financial constraints and the tough decisions they force upon homeowners. Having to sell your home to avoid mortgage default or bankruptcy can be incredibly overwhelming. While some real estate agents may prioritize their own interests, at Red Barn Homebuyers, we’re different. We’re here to provide a solution tailored to your needs, moving swiftly to alleviate your burden and ensure a timely resolution. With us, you’ll find compassionate support and a commitment to your well-being, saving you both time and money during this challenging period.

    We’re Dedicated to Solving Your Problem

    As national real estate buyers, we go beyond simply purchasing houses – we’re your dedicated real estate problem solvers. Our mission is to assist homeowners like you in resolving your property-related challenges. Many homeowners facing the risk of losing their homes turn to us after exhausting traditional selling avenues or running out of time. Often, these homeowners require a quick sale, and we’re able to provide them with an all-cash offer promptly. In other instances, we liaise with banks to renegotiate homeowners’ debts, easing their financial burdens.

    Our objective is to provide fair solutions to your problems swiftly, not to take advantage of your situation. We’re prepared to purchase your house, regardless of its condition – whether it’s unattractive, facing foreclosure, entangled in legal issues, behind on payments, or irreparably damaged. Unlike traditional realtors who may struggle with complex real estate problems, we possess the expertise, legal resources, and funds necessary to address a wide range of challenges. Utilizing our own capital allows us to expedite the process, enabling us to close transactions rapidly. As professional home buyers, we’re committed to leveraging our knowledge and resources to find solutions that work for you.


    Sell Your House To Someone You Can Trust

    One of the greatest concerns for homeowners forced to sell their homes is the fear of falling victim to scams. It’s a stark reality that selling under pressure exposes sellers to the risk of significant losses due to opportunistic buyers (often referred to as “sharks”) and tight timeframes. Real estate agents often view homeowners selling under distress as advantageous, positioning themselves for better negotiation terms. They may exert pressure to gauge your desperation, potentially leading you to sell your house well below its market value, resulting in substantial losses of savings and investments accumulated over the years.

    “We understand your position and want to help you avoid being taken advantage of”

    Facing the need to sell your home swiftly is undeniably one of the most challenging situations for any homeowner. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there are still reputable real estate professionals who aim to alleviate rather than exacerbate your already challenging circumstances.

    Call 866-340-2875 to Get Your Cash Offer Today!

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